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Discalced Carmelite Coat of Arms

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 Guidelines For Formators
Prelude To Aspirancy
Aspirancy Program
Five Year Formation Program

On-going Formation

Guidelines For Formators

1. Each candidate is unique, with different areas of strength and weakness and learning styles. Formation needs therefore vary, and thus the formator must be flexible and seek to adapt the material to the needs of the candidate, without sacrificing content to be taught or supplemented.

2. Formation is companioning, not just informing. Thus there must be time allowed for dialogue and application of principles to the candidate’s personal life.

3. In imparting information about Carmel and thru reading assignments, we need to be AWARE of Carmelite ATTITUDES.  We are teaching a way of life, of harmonizing Carmel and our  secular state of life. Nuances or emphases of Carmelite focus will shift throughout a candidate’s life.

4. The spirit of the 1979 Rule of Life and of other earlier formation texts is the same as that in the Constitutions. It may be applied differently according to our time in history and the needs of the Church.

5.The formator needs to be available for phone calls, email, and face-to-face encounters according to genuine need.

6. The formator needs to pray for the candidates in his or her care for the power of the Holy Spirit to open minds and hearts. Begin sessions with prayer to Our Lady, Flower of Carmel.

7. TRUST THE PROCESS: over time each one will get what he or she needs. It won’t happen all at once. Keeping the Rule and Constitutions is a growth process. Formation is a building up of a deepening body of knowledge and experience. It is a laying down of penetrating, enlivening, and expansive layers, and there is always more.

8. Each formator is unique; each person’s way of imparting information and companioning is different. Let the Holy Spirit be creative in how you teach and companion. We have different gifts and the community needs them all!     

 Prelude to Aspirancy
6 consecutive visits. To be given to or asked of visitors on the 2nd or 3rd visit

1. Handout:  Application for Entrance into the Aspirancy Form. 

2. Request - Current Baptismal Certificate/Profession of Faith (within one year) -  if applicable.

3. Letter/Phone call - to current Pastor stating candidate is in good standing - if applicable, to be done by Formation Director.

4. Request - Letter of Intent (why they feel called to Carmel) – due by  5th visit. 

5. Handout: “Handbook for Aspirants” by Ruby Alexander, OCDS. 

6. Handout: Copy of Flower of Carmel Attendance Policy.

7. Acceptance into Aspirancy (to be filled out by President and copy mailed to central office) if candidate is accepted

Aspirancy Program
12 months

Course of Study 

1.  Overview of Carmelite Spirituality 1: Charism
Carmelite Spirituality in the Teresian Tradition  Chap 2 “Characteristics of Carmel”  by: Paul-Marie of
                      the Cross, OCD
Welcome to Carmel  
                      Chap 3 “The Teresian Charism”  by: Michael Griffin, OCD
                      Chap 8, pp 81-82 “Significance of the Carmelite Coat of Arms”  by: Marie Janinek, OCDS
             "Carmelite Spirituality in General”  by: Matthias Montgomery, OCD

2.  History of the Order 
“Carmelite Identity in the Rule of St. Albert  by Elizabeth Korves, OCDS
             "The Rule and Constitutions"  by Aloysius Deeney, OCD
              “History of the Order” by Joseph Neilson, OCD
Rule of St. Albert  (www.ocdswashprov.org) and in Flower of Carmel library
Supplemental Reading (Optional)
              Journey to Carith by Rohrbach, OCD, in Flower of Carmel library
              “Spiritual Guidance: A Coat of Many Colors” by Egan, TOCarm,
tape in Flower of Carmel library             

3.  Nature of OCDS  
              “The 6 M’s”  by Aloysius Deeney, OCD
              “Study and the OCDS”  by Aloysius Deeney, OCD
                     (both of the above are online @
www.ocd4ocds.blogspot.com pp.43-54)

              Welcome to Carmel  Chap.1 “Welcome to Carmel”  by Peggy Wilkinson, OCDS in Flower of Carmel library
              “The Discalced Carmelite Third Order” by Adrian Cooney, OCD

4.  Overview of Carmelite Spirituality 2: Community
             Fr. Deeney’s Address: National Congress, St. Louis, Sept. 2005 (CD in Flower of Carmel library)
             Dr. Nancy Thompson's Address: National Congress, St. Louis, Sept. 2005 (CD in Flower of Carmel library)

5.  Liturgy of the Hours
             Liturgy of the Hours  “General Introduction”
             Flower of Carmel LOH Procedures
             “The Divine Office”  by Bill Healy, OCD
             Practicum on how to use the Liturgy of the Hours  (as needed)
Supplemental Reading (Optional)
             “The Prayer of the Church”  by Barry, OCD, in Flower of Carmel library

6.  Saints of the Order
            Carmelite Spirituality in the Teresian Tradition  Chap. IV, by Paul-Marie of the Cross, OCD
            I Want to See God  Part. I  Chap. V  “The Good Jesus”
Supplemental Reading (Optional)
            Mother of Carmel by Peers                                                           
            Spirit of Flame by Peers

7.  Mental Prayer: Part 1
        Required Reading

            Carmel Clarion, 2006, Vol. XXII, #1, p. 2-6 (Jan-Feb) "Friendship with Christ: Teresa of Avila's Way of
Carmel Clarion, 2006, Vol. XXII, #3, (May-June)
                    1. "Shepherd's Call: Teresa and the Prayer of Recollection", p. 2-4
                    2. "The Prayer of Beginners (The First Three Mansions)", p. 5-11
            Carmel Clarion, 2006, Vol. XXII, #4, p.11-21 " Learning To Pray"
Supplemental Reading (Optional)
The Way of Perfection, St. Teresa of Avila, A Study Edition, Prepared by Kierian Kavanaugh, OCD,
                    Summery and Interpretative Notes to Chapter 26, p. 282-288.
            Carmel Clarion, 2006, Vol. XXII, #1 (Jan-Feb)
                     1. "St. Teresa: Teacher of Prayer", p. 7-12
                     2. "St. Teresa's School of Prayer", p. 13-16

8.  Mental Prayer: Part 2 
Required Reading
             "Lectio Divina and the Practice of Teresian Prayer", Sam Anthony Morello, OCD
             “Prayer”  by Gabriel Barry, OCD
             Jesus of Nazareth, Pope Benedict XVI, Chapter 5, p. 128-135, " The Lord's Prayer"
             "On Meditation",
Pope Benedict XVI
             "Practical Procedure for the Way of Lectio Divina",
Sam Anthony Morello, OCD
             "Understanding Our Carmelite Committment"
             " The Concept of Prayer in the Constitutions of the Secular Order", Aloysius Deeney, OCD
Supplemental Reading (Optional)
Carmel Clarion, 2011, Vol. XXVII, #2, p. 3-9, 16-22 (April-June) "Meditating Day and Night on the Law of
                      the Lord -Lectio Divina Spirit of Teresian Carmel"
              "Praying Without Words", St. Anthony Messenger, Nov 2006, p. 19-21.

9.  Scapular and Discernment Process
             A. Carmelite Digest , Vol. 16, #3,  Summer 2001:
                      “Scapular of Carmel – A Treasure for the Church” by Pope John Paul II, on the 750th Anniversary of
                           the Scapular
                       “The Carmelite Scapular Today” 
                       “St. Simon Stock – The Scapular Vision and the Brown Scapular Devotion” by Bede Edwards
                       “The Scapular and the Carmelite Vocation”  by William Healy, OCD
             B.  Process of discernment: Discussion and questions
             C.  Instructors' Report to Director of Formation
Supplemental Reading (Optional)
                Welcome to Carmel, Chap. 9, "Opposition"

10. Ecclesial Dimension of the Teresian Carmel: Mission/Apostolate
“The Holy Spirit: Lord and Giver of Life: Carmel and Renewal” by Aloysius Deeney, OCD
                     (online @
www.ocd4ocds.blogspot.com pages 32-38)
              Intro to Flower of Carmel Apostolates  (Presentation by Formator)
              “The Missionary Spirit of the Carmelite Secular Order” by Jerome Lantry, OCD
 I Want to See God  Part. I  Chap.VIII,  “The Teresian Spirit”

11. Mary   
             “Keeping Alive the Marian Character of the Order” in TOCD Spiritual Growth Experiences

             “The Mother of Our Vocation”
 by Eugene Mosbury, OCD
             “For Pondering…On Mary” by Elizabeth Pantas, OCDS
             “Regina Décor Carmeli: A Meditation” by Leslie Lund, OCD
Supplemental Reading (Optional)
             Conference on Our Lady of Mt. Carmel given to Flower of Carmel Community in July 2003 by Mark Calvert,

12. OCDS Constitutions and Statutes 
OCDS Constitutions  (online @ www.ocdswashprov.org) and in Flower of Carmel library
             Provincial Statutes    (online @
www.ocdswashprov.org) and in
Flower of Carmel library

Five Year Formation Program   
For candidates moving toward Temporary and Definitive Promises. 
There are seven 8-month rotations and one 4-month rotation.
Rotation order varies according to needs of candidates.

8-month Rotations 

1. Spiritual Canticle (St John of the Cross) with study questions.

2. Ascent of Mt. Carmel (St. John of the Cross) with study questions.

3. Interior Castle (St Teresa of Avila) with study questions.

4. Way of Perfection (St Teresa of Avila) ICS study edition.

5. Story of a Soul (St Therese of Lisieux) ICS study edition.

6. OCDS Constitutions with study questions, Provincial Statues and Rule of St Albert. "Concept of Prayer in the Constitutions of the Secular Order" by Aloysius Deeney, OCD www.ocd4ocds.blogspot.com

7. Stages of Prayer (This can be broken into two 4-month rotations as needed). 

4-month Rotation 

                                      Theology of the Promise Overview

Session One: The Beatitudes

      1. The Beatitudes as an Integral Part of the Promise (Aloysius Deeney, OCD)

      2. Examination of Conscience (based on the Beatitudes) (Doris Donnelly)

      3. Each candidate will select 1 or more beatitudes to research and share.

1. The Beatitudes (Fr. Bruno, OCD)

     2. Divine Intimacy (Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene, OCD) Sections on the Beatitudes:
          #300, 303, 305, 307, 310, 312.

     3. Catechism of the Catholic Church  #1720-1724

      Formator Resources:
Be Holy, p. 218 -22

Session Two: Evangelical Counsel of Poverty 

1.   “Commentaries on the Rule of Life…Poverty”  (Fr. Bruno, OCD)

2.  “I Promise to be Truly Poor” (Gerald Alfred, OCDS)

     3. “On Poverty” from I Am A Daughter of the Church, Chap. VI,  p. 375-388 


     Divine Intimacy   #85-87 (on poverty) 

      Formator Resources: 

      Be Holy  p. 224-236

      Catechism of the Catholic Church  p. 609-610

 Session Three: Evangelical Counsel of Chastity                                                                      

      1. "Chastity: This only One Kind of Love" (Gerald Alford, OCDS)

      2. "Chastity in the Secular Carmel" (Gerald Alford, OCDS) 

      3. "Commentaries on the Rule of Life..Chastity" (Fr. Bruno Cocuzzi, OCD)


     Divine Intimacy  #88-90  (on chastity)  

     Formator  Resources: 

    The Spiritual Life  (A. Tanquerey)   p. 518-530 

    Catechism of the Catholic Church   p. 560-566

     Be Holy  p. 221-223

Session Four: Evangelical Counsel of Obedience 

     1.  “Existential Obedience”  (Gerald Alford, OCDS)    

      2. I Am A Daughter of the Church  Chapter 8 on “Obedience 

      3. Commentaries on the Rule of Life, “Obedience”   (Fr. Bruno Cocuzzi OCD) 


     Divine Intimacy  # 120-125  (on obedience) 

     Formator Resources: 

     Be Holy  p.237-246 

     Catechism of the Catholic Church  # 1965-1974 

     The Spiritual Life  (A. Tanquerey)  p. 457-506 (virtue of); p. 232-242

On-going Formation 
Carmelite Spirituality in depth.

Choices Include:

I Am A Daughter of the Church (Fr. Marie-Eugene, OCD)

Church Encyclicals


Selections from The New Catechism

Other Works of Carmelite Saints:

        St. Teresa: Foundations, Life, The Book of Her Life

        St. John of the Cross: Living Flame of Love, The Counsels, The Dark Night

        St Therese:  Last Conversations, Letters

Works of Elizabeth of the Trinity, Edith Stein